Photo: Jan Bruder

Beth works in human resources for Bank of America in the Superman building. She’s been working downtown since 2004, and has seen a lot of different characters on the street. “I’m a people watcher. I love seeing them, wondering where they’re coming from, what their life is like. It’s not difficult to find people to watch out here.”

In particular, she remembers one guy “who used to park his grill out there and do lunch, and he used to act as if he was the announcer of a baseball game that was being played out in front of him. Everybody would speak to him, call his name when they saw him, he knew everybody.”

Sometimes she comes to WaterFire, but mostly Beth is only downtown for work. It has its perks. “In the summer we have our windows open upstairs, and we like to listen to this one guy who always plays the sax on the street.” She feels that there are a lot fewer people around since Bank of America took over Fleet, and then shifted their corporate headquarters down south four years ago. “There’s a huge decline in the business faces here.”

She never went to college after high school – “I committed the ultimate sin” – but right now she’s getting a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Johnson and Wales.

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