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Rich lives at 385 Westminster Street, with his wife and Cody the dog.

“We used to live on the second floor, now we live on the third. It was bigger, cheaper, we have one of the turrets and we can see the street, the Westin, the PPAC façade and the Superman building.”

Rich is Director of Administration for the city. He’s responsible for financial matters, personnel, purchasing and labor relations. “The Director Of Operations makes all the stuff happen, I make sure that Operations has all the stuff they need.”

Originally from Westchester County in New York, he’s worked for local governments in Colorado, Texas, the city of Rochester, NY, North Kingstown and Coventry in Rhode Island, and for the last two years, the city of Providence.

“My job is to make the elected officials’ job easier, so they can carry out their policy. I’m staff. I don’t think I ever will, nor have any desire to, run for office.”

Rich is based out of City Hall, while his wife is an academic advisor at URI, based in the Shepard Building. “She has a three-block walk to work, and I have a five-block walk. One of our favorite activities is that we go for a walk every morning with Cody, usually around six o clock, from our end of Westminster Street to the other end, and then we go up on the hill, sometimes all the way to Hope. Other times, we walk down the river or up to the Statehouse.”

Each time, they make an obligatory stop with one of the parking attendants, who always has treats for Cody.

“Cody is nine and a half. She’s a she with a boy’s name, named after Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. It was a rock-and-roll group.”

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