Photo: Nathan Tia

Gary just walked out of a Providence College (PC) basketball game. “They were playing Bryant, and were up by 40 when I left.”

He left early to beat the post-game rush. “I don’t have any connections at PC, I’ve just been following them since I was young. I remember listening to PC games on the radio – that’s how I first got into them. And now my daughter’s at URI [University of Rhode Island], so we got a little conflict going on there.”

Gary’s from Bristol, where he still lives, teaching fourth grade. “What do I like best about it? Dealing with the kids. Kids are great. I have two children of my own – they’re 20 and 19. I’m near the end of my career, and am ready to retire. It’ll be five years or so. I look at that as close.”

He also has an unusual side job. “I bar-tend for a catering company out in Newport. We just did something for the Vanderbilts in The Breakers mansion, on the third floor. It was a very small, private birthday party, about 30 people.

“It was… old, run down in a very expensive way, with a lot of memorabilia from the railroad days. There are four sons in the family, and The Breakers was their bachelor pad. So you can imagine, there are plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms up there.

“I take the kids to The Breakers on field trips, and they always ask, “Why can’t we go up to the third floor?” Now I know.

“I was down the hall from the main room, almost in a closet. I was a little surprised by the wine selection – it wasn’t that expensive.”

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  1. Reads as if you have a wonderful life. We all have to make the best of this current climate.
    Take Good Care~

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