Photo: Tony

Baxter and Bailey walk down Westminster Street every other day with their owners, Tony and Jim.

Tony gives us the background: “Baxter, the chocolate terrier, was a stray found ‘down to the bone’ in Christian County, KT, and sent to a Warren, RI animal shelter in March 2008. Bailey, the Brindle terrier, is a rescue from friends in Long Beach, CA, who had to move due to the economy in 2004.”

Two years ago, they all moved from Boston to Providence. Tony is a web and print designer, and created the Providence Design District Association, a network of 68 designers based downtown, “Uniting All Commercial Designers to Raise the Creative Capital of Rhode Island to New Heights!” (capitalization his). Jim works as an interior designer in west Warwick.

Baxter and Bailey live with them in Federal Hill, on the appropriately named Barker Street. Keep an eye out for them as they sniff their way down the street – and as they are occasionally walked into Eno and Farmstead by Tony. “Yum!”

Baxter and Bailey’s Westminster Story was submitted via this website. Tell us yours.

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  4. What a great story! I even think I’ve met Baxter and Bailey downtown – but, I never knew the whole story (or that they live on Barker St!).

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