Photo: Karissa Mlyniec

Russ works for Cornish Associates, who own many of the buildings on Westminster Street between Eddy and Union Streets, so although he’s walking down the street, “I’m working right now.”

“I actually get more work done on the street than in the office sometimes. I bump into people, and I can get more done in twenty minutes here than I would all day in the office. I think that’s what’s amazing about Providence – it feels big, but because it’s so small, it’s like a village sometimes.”

He also comes down here for lunch. “Over the summer, I was addicted to Farmstead’s BLT.”

Originally from Florida, Russ came up to New England six years ago, after finishing a Masters degree, to take a job at Cornish. He now works there as an architect, designer, and project manager, and has settled in Providence. In his spare time, he rides his bike, and goes surfing in Narragansett and Newport.

Although he’s seen a lot of changes for the better on Westminster Street, he still sees plenty of space for improvement. “We could get some more buildings occupied with people. The surface parking – from where we stand right now, there are 25 or more acres of undeveloped surface parking in downtown. And that’s a big massive waste. Twenty percent of the city is lots. We should be building on those lots, not parking on them.”

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