Photo: Graham Newhall

Chris is the manager of The 201, a bar formerly known as Remy’s, at 201 Westminster Street. It’s owned by Mama Teresa’s next door, where he also works.

He’s here “almost seven days a week. I work pretty much day and night. If I have time, I might have a cappuccino at Tazza, I also like going to Murphy’s Pub. Otherwise I’m working. I also do property management on the side. What do I do for fun? I work.”

He lives on the West End, and walks in most days. If the weather is bad, he rides in on one of his bicycles. He likes it downtown, but it’s still far from perfect.

“There should be a greater sense of community for the businesses here. Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. Some of the city government practices aren’t very helpful, either – the favoritism and nepotism, that’s always there.

“But the one biggest problem is parking, and some of the disappointing choices regarding it. Such as when they took down the old police station, and installed a flat parking area instead of a parking garage. Not such a smart move. I’m not saying you bend over backwards for the businesses, but there should be a more even-keeled attitude.

“With the debt load on the city and the debt put on us as small businesses, I think that the universities in town need to pick up some of the debt load of the city. The fat times are over, and the tax breaks they get are inappropriate.”

Chris grew up in Rhode Island, and remembers, “when I was a kid, there weren’t cars on Westminster Street. It was awesome, especially before it got depressed in the 1990s. I’d love to see it go back to being pedestrianized.”

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