Photo: Tobias Goulet

Kamilah works part time at the reference desk of the Johnson and Wales Library. “I like the easy-going pace, I like helping people, and I’m fascinated with books.”

So we asked her to recommend us a book.

“The House at Sugar Beach by Helene Cooper. It’s like a semi-autobiography of a woman who’s from Liberia, it was amazing. It was a new book we had just gotten in the library – at the front desk, we get first dibs on some books, so I was like ‘I’m going to read this before it gets put on the shelves.’”

Kamilah is originally from Richmond, Virginia, and is working at the library part time while she studies business management and computer programming at JWU.

“I plan to go teach English in Japan for a year, before coming a business consultant. I want to do US first and then go international. I took higher college courses at high school, so I’m ahead of my game.”

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